“The nature of the creative act when you dance with life itself -- when you form the meaningless world into photographs, then form those photographs into a meaningful world.” -- Paul Graham


Art is subjective. By definition, it is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. What do you think of when you see a woman standing knee deep in crystal clear water with her back to you? Deeper into the image, on the horizon are large, otherworldly rock formations -- you don’t know where she is. To one this is mystery, something that leaves one asking many questions. To another beauty and nothing else. Photography allows you as a viewer to take a decisive moment and capture it forever. Bending time in a way that it doesn’t even exist. Stealing a moment from life and making it something permanent, something that lasts -- lives on. This can then be interpreted to mean anything you want. It is manipulation with minimal manipulation, forming the meaningless world into a meaningful one.




Margrit Wenzel was born June 25, 1993 in Kingston, New York. With a niche for the

raw and real, Margrit strives to capture natural light and natural moments in her photography. A poetic yet melancholy look into domestic life, she frames her subjects

or lack thereof in subtle, natural color-scapes. Working in a documentary and diaristic form her eye focuses on finding beauty in the mundane, normally overlooked moments in her everyday life.


Her most complete body of work, Halved Halves, is an autobiographical reflection which documents her own family years after a divorce. She combines still photography with curated mementos and honest writing to act as a detective into her own past. She is currently working on another personal project which explores the loss of her maternal grandmother for whom she was named after.

A preview of the body of work may be viewed here: blau mit und ohne dich


She is currently available for commissions, any inquiries can be forwarded to:






Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography May 2015





Content Creator, Freelance

Kingston NY  May 2015 - Present


Archival Assistant, Ryszard Horowitz, Photocomposer,

New York NY  February 2014 – May 2015


Editing and Production Assistant, Vision Films, Documentary Film,

Hudson NY August 2013 – February 2014


In-House Photographer, Fashion Indie, Online Blog,

New York NY January 2013 – May 2013


In-House Photographer, Sylvia Heisel, Fashion Designer,

New York NY September 2011 – May 2012



Group Exhibitions


October 2016                            Art Walk, Kingston, NY

May 2015                                  The 30 Collective, Senior BFA Photography Exhibition,

                                                      Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

June – August 2014                Western Digital Fashion Walk,

                                                      Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

November – December 2013 Departures, Third Year BFA Photography Exhibition,

                                                      Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

July – August 2013                Rediscovered, a collection of analogue images,

                                                      Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY